Well, I’ll be honest – I never heard of her. But this version of Jeongseon Arirang is just stunning.
The singer’s name: Youn Sun Nah.
Her official website:
For all jazz and blues lovers out there.

정선 아리랑 (Jeongseon Arirang) – jazz


And the classic version of the same song:

Uncertain Weather:


And Gwangondo Arirang:


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4 Responses to Music

  1. peggybrad says:

    I am somewhat bewildered. In the photo of the classic Arirang (?pansoori) this looks like an actress I have seen in Korean drama. Not often and maybe it is a doppelganger?? If it is the same woman then I never knew her as a singer at all.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    This is a different lady, a classic singer, pansori. Don't think she's an actress. Her name is Yang Geumseok.

  3. orbiter says:

    peggybrad>> Yep she's an actress… a rather accomplished one at that: 🙂 never knew she could sing pansori though. wow.

    Ethlenn>> Thank you for the find! I'm completely in love with her voice, and infinitely thankful that she didn't go the pop/ballad route… her voice is so smoooth. Some of her songs are too avant-garde for me though. Like “pancake”. Disturbing to hear someone sing like that about hamburgers and cucumbers 😦

  4. Ethlenn says:

    Oh damn, 3 movies and few dramas with her and I still couldn't remember the face and name together.
    As for Sunah… yes, she's a bit too out of my taste as well, but this jazzy Arirang just knocked me down.

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