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Korean Olympus

   I’ve been meaning to write about this trend for some time already. I hesitated a bit, playing a good, benign girl, but then I came to my senses. Looks like The Land Of Morning Calm turned into Pantheon. Every … Continue reading

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Junsu – cause I’m more biased

   I was listening to this version, praying it would be released in full, super extra HD version. Because even with this I’m having goosebumps. He put so much emotions into his version. Its not just a song. But a … Continue reading

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JYJ: cause I’m biased

  Article about the charity activity. And not just selling the T-shirts. True, I’m a bit biased towards those artists that actually do something meaningful and useful. Namely: Kim Namgil, ne? Article: A variety of giving activities both domestic and … Continue reading

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JYJ: status quo

   Hell, I’m back, and I see the issue is getting more serious. Also, I see that the broadcasts want to shift the blame as far from them as possible. In my language there is this proverb, literally saying: to … Continue reading

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