Another music

   After some time of lack of music here, few new bites^^
I never know what to do with Gavy NJ. Some songs I love and still play, and some are simply mediocre. Anyway, nice voice and some really nice projects. 
I found also one jazz single, for those who like jazz (I have always on my mind Sugar from Some Like It Hot saying on the beach: “Yeah, jaaazzz”, every time I hear this word). And I promised to keep an eye on any release by Bubble Sisters. And here we have.

But sorry to all, now I’m under the spell of one song only:

Rumble Fish – 사랑은 잔인하게 쓰여진다 [New Tales of Gisaeng OST Pt.3] 


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6 Responses to Another music

  1. ara says:

    Hi dear, thanks for another treat!
    V.A mix has a lot of indie bands I like, what a nice surprise^^
    Also like the Bubble Sisters one and surprisingly Mongoose, too. Haha thanks to you I got more and more female voices in my playlist^^ MWAH

    For Limyoungil, not my cup of tea, somehow his voice has a cheesy quality in the bad sense – but I really appreciate you thinking of me whenever you hear jaaazzz. You know I love you, right? XD

  2. Ethlenn says:

    I didn't have the time to actually listen to Lim Young-il, mianhae…

    When I recover fully, I will post some more, mwah!!

  3. orbiter says:

    I've just started watching New Tales of Gisaeng because you (and many others) seem to like it so much.

    After the first episode, I'm feeling a little hesitant about continuing… A few things that bother me:
    1) The whole vibe of the drama feels very “family drama-ish” – I think it is the unrealistic and unimaginative sets… all the rooms of the houses look so amateurishly put together…

    2) Every woman in the show looks the same, and like they have had a ton of botox injected into their face. The only face I like so far is that of Lee Sujin who plays Saran's friend.

    3) Saran. When I first saw her I thought – aacck. Baaad nose job. Then I thought, this is one face I'll never be able to remember even after seeing it in 50 episodes. And later when I googled her I was dumbfounded – this lady is a 1990 baby?! She looks at least 30. I would expect Saran's character to be played by someone less plastic looking with more natural charisma… dunno.

    4) Too many old men and women; I can't even tell them apart anymore. All the men have weird hair and the women – oh their skin is so unnaturally tight. A tad too tight.

    5) I can't stand scripts that do not use common sense; it makes their audience look stupid. Scenarios don't have to be nonsensical to be funny. When the thief jumped into the pool to escape, the 2 chasers dived in and SWAM after him. REALLY? (ok, so maybe I don't have a sense of humour…)

    heh. sorry for offloading my grouses here. I'm just a little upset because I had high expectations for this drama…

    I sure hope it gets better by the 2nd episode 😦

  4. Ethlenn says:

    Hmm, this is a family drama.
    Don't always follow my ravings about dramas, cause sometimes I love a total slapstick mess like Greatest Love.
    But in overall, I think this is one of the most realistic dramas right now, characters behave like normal ones. I'm not bothered by the physical appearances of them as long as they convey the feelings.

  5. orbiter says:

    Greatest love is a slapstick mess? Oh no, I was counting on moving on to that haha 🙂

    I shall press on for a few more episodes and see how it goes… incidentally I found some people who shared the same frustration as me but later began to get addicted to it – so we'll see!

    On another note, I'm at the last episode of a short 8-episode drama “White Christmas”. This one's fresh and captivating and I'm really enjoying it. (Later discovered that its writer is the one behind my all-time favourite Alone in Love, so I guess that explains it.)

    BTW, thanks for recommending Midas, I'm enjoying it. (Except once, after a long day of work doing investor searches, the episode had Kim Hee Ae say to Jang Hyuk, “Give me the list of investors by the end of the day” – I don't think I've cringed so much watching tv.)

  6. Ethlenn says:

    Family dramas have some quite peculiar settings. Once you accept those – you can enjoy. Like falling sequence in Life Is Beautiful at the end of the episodes (first ones), or artificial surroundings in Assorted Jewels. But I became addicted to those (oh yes, Twinkle Twinkle, aww).

    I'm enjoying Greatest Love cause of Mr. Cha, who made his character a totally grotesque and out of control. That's all, the screenplay is made by Hong sisters so I never expected anything serious.

    I finished Freeze, btw. and that was weird…

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