Seoul Drama Awards – OST Awards

   From June 29th to July 20th, the Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (SDAOC) will be open to vote for the most popular drama OST of the dramas between April 1st and April 30th. Bad news is – you need to have an account on cyworld, or I didn’t quite figure out how to cheat.
And my usual rant – someplace I saw they nominated IU? Well, who da hell is IU when Queen Seondeok OST had Hong Kwangho??
Also, there are 40 nominees, so forgive me I didn’t romanized them all here. I’m lazy, yes.
Update: in my last comment I romanized all the remaining dramas.

Some of the nominees are:

Im Jae Beom – Stygma (Chuno)
Big Bang – Friend (Friend Our Legend)
Zia – Can You Hear Me (Can You Hear My Heart)
Kim Yeon Woo – Sometimes, I Cry Alone (Bad Guy)
JYJ – Found You (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Lee Seung Cheol – That Person (Baker King Kim Tak Goo)
Taecyeon and Nickhun – My Valentine (Dream High)
Im Jae Beom – Tenacious Person (Sign)
Hyun Bin – That Man (Secret Garden)
Jang Geun Seok – Hello Hello (Mary Should Stayed In Hell… oops, I messed up the title)
Jeong Yeob – Really Nothing (49 Days)
Kim Beom Su – Acou (Giant)
Kim Shina – 연정가 (New Gisaeng Story)
Kim Joeng-eun – Reminiscence (I Am Legend)
Park Hyoshin – I Love You (Athena)
Lisa – Blood Tears (Revenge of Gumiho)

매년 수만 명이 참여하는 OST 인기투표에서는 2009년에는 태연의 ‘들리나요(’베토벤 바이러스‘ 삽입곡)’, FT아일랜드의 ‘한가지말(’온에어‘ 삽입곡)’, SS501의 ‘우리 함께라면(’최강칠우‘ 삽입곡)’ 등, 2010년에는 임재범의 ‘낙인(’추노‘ 삽입곡)’, F(x)의 ‘날개를 펴고(’공부의 신‘ 삽입곡)’, 빅뱅의 ‘친구(’친구, 우리들의 전설‘ 삽입곡), 아이유의 ’아라로(‘선덕여왕’ 삽입곡) 등이 상위에 랭크되어 CD에 수록되었다.
올해는 지아의 ‘들리나요(’내 마음이 들리니‘ 삽입곡)’, 김연우의 ‘가끔은 혼자 웁니다(’나쁜남자‘ 삽입곡)’, JYJ의 ‘찾았다(’성균관스캔들‘ 삽입곡)’, 이승철의 ‘그 사람(’제빵왕 김탁구‘ 삽입곡)’, 택연과 닉쿤 의 ‘My valentine(’드림하이‘ 삽입곡)’, 임재범의 ‘독종(’싸인‘ 삽입곡)’, 현빈의 ‘그 남자(’씨크릿 가든‘ 삽입곡)’, 장근석의 ‘Hello Hello(’매리는 외박 중‘ 삽입곡)’ 등 총 40곡이 후보에 올라 경쟁을 벌일 것으로 전해졌다.

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8 Responses to Seoul Drama Awards – OST Awards

  1. alexe says:

    JYJ and Kim shina , what else ?

  2. Ethlenn says:

    If Jang The Diva Geun Seok is not given any award, thousands of eels may commit a horrendous act – they may think of him as male.
    OK, I'm bad. But Hyun Bin? Well, give me a break…

  3. NeKo-Rin says:

    Yay! I get to vote. I have a cyworld account.

  4. NeKo-Rin says:

    And Bad Boy has the most amazing soundtrack I've heard since The Jewel in the Palace. So I guess I won't be voting after all. 😦

  5. alexe says:

    So fun about the diva ! I totally agree .

  6. Ethlenn says:

    I agree about Bad Guy, this one and Chuno were the best OST of the last year, well, SKKS came close, but still not the same. Revenge of Gumiho was amazing too, Gisaeng has good OST as well. Since few years korean drama OST have been getting better and better.

  7. orbiter says:

    I'd give my vote to Yim Jae Beom for Chuno. Is the Duo not eligible? I thought the main song was very well done, with the opera singer and all. I actually really like the voice of the traditional singer which starts at 2:24 mins into the song (

  8. Ethlenn says:

    The Duo is also on the list. Midas, Paradise Ranch, Royal Family, My Princess, Kim Suro, Flames of Ambition, My Sweet Home, Golden Fish, Coffee House, Queen of Reversals, Dr Champ, My Girlfriend is Gumiho, Geunchogo King, President, Daemul, Sign, Comrades, Mischievous Kiss, Road nr 1, It's OK Daddy's Girl, Smile Mom, Crime Squad, In The Name of The Country, Fugitive, Twinkle Twinkle.

    Uff, all drama covered^^

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