Some MVs

   I promise, no Junsu, no Mr. Hong here as for now. So rest assured. Wandering on YT may sometimes end in some nice music to listen.


모멘시스 Momensis – 희망가 Hope Song:



비갠후 Began Who – 사랑여행 Love’s Journey 


Monday Kiz & Gavy NJ – 빙빙빙 Bing Bing Bing (Feat. Sunny Side Chang):

Younha – One Shot feat. 주석:



And one pop song, thanks to Ori:

INFINITE – Before The Dawn


As for the dancing, let’s face it, they’re not SHINee, but the beat of this song, and even their voices are so huge, keke.



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2 Responses to Some MVs

  1. ara says:

    Hmmm I really like the first one. So soothing^^
    Was listening to Pink Martini's Aspettami……before so I'm kinda sentimental 😉

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Yes, yes, the first song is very nice.

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