Lee Minho – way to go!

According to hancinema:
International actress Jeon Do-yeon chose Lee Min-ho as the one she wants to act with the most.
MBC “Section TV” showed Jeon Do-yeon talking about the many ‘love calls’ she received from other actors.
Recently Lee Byeong-Heon said he would like to work with Jeon Do-yeon again and Lee Min-ho too, said he wants to try a couple act with her.
Jeon Do-yeon chatted about how many actors wanted to work with her.
When she was asked to pick between Lee Byeong-Heon and Lee Min-ho to work with, she fell into thought. However, soon enough she said, “I prefer young ones” and chose Lee Min-ho.
   May I laugh? May I? Please! I never liked LBH, nope, so hearing something like that yesterday and having it confirmed today is like a honey for me^^. And it looks like our kid Lee Minho is having more and more serious actors praising him and expressing the wish to collaborate with him. Because he’s young?

Oh no, there are plenty of young actors out there. Some of them are good or on the right path to become good. In acting, that is, cause some are good in becoming a living laughstock. And Jeon Doyeon is not a teenager who acts according to her hormones balance. Lately we’ve been so fed up with immature comments about City Hunter. This drama is marvellous, and LMH’s acting improved a lot since his last appearance a year ago. This drama is not about how beautiful this young man is, but about something else (oh, I’m not sure, dark revenge and madness maybe?). The year between those shows was filled with somme charity appearances, fanmeeting and I don’t know, probably work over his own acting. 

   And that’s the kid who is praiseworthy not only for his screen presence, but also what he represents outside. If I devote my time to the support of someone, I don’t want to be royally f*cked up like the last time, when a boy expressed, non-verbally, his wish to change the gender and started to display galactic diva’s behavior.
I know I’ve been praising him a lot lately, but the sky is blue and the grass is green, like I said, I praise what needs to be praised and I mock mercilessly what needs to be bashed. Ever since that confused role in Public Enemy Returns (BOF excluded, that was a pinky-blingy-on-the-wood horror in every aspect) I’ve been keeping an open eye for him.

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1 Response to Lee Minho – way to go!

  1. ara says:

    Muwahhahhaah! Minho way to go! I'm proud of the boy but then winning against the antique table isn't that much of an achievement in my eyes.
    But his improvement from PT to CH sure is!

    Speaking about eyes…I really admire your ear-parade in the new header!!

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