Seoul Drama Award 2011 nominees

   I voted last year and even though I cheated, Kim Namgil-nim didn’t win. Wonder whether… oh, wait, SKKS is on the list! So we meet again, conscience… and bye!
I planned to do something contructive this evening (night) and maybe translate another short story, but I was given some koan. And I bet no one from the great zen masters couldn’t produce the answer. The koan is: “Why Marry Me Mary?”. Well, I am not a zen master (and I’m sometimes faaar from being zen, organic and all that hipster talk), but I sense a satori coming my way. Yes, this satori is sparkling. A blinding light…

Anyway, nominees (I almost wrote noms)
Best Production:
Seongkyunkwang Scandal
Bread, Love and Dreams
Bury Marry Me, Mary
Dream High
Dong Yi
Queen of Reversals
My Princess
King Su-ro
Secret Garden
My Girlfriend is Gumiho
Bad Boy
Best Actor:
Jang Keun-suk (Marry Me, Mary)
Park Yucheon (Seongkyunkwan Scandal)
Song Seung-heon (My Princess)
Hyun Bin (Secret Garden”)
Kang Ji-hwan (Coffee House)
Best Actress:
Park Min-young (SungKyunKwan Scandal), 
Moon Geun-young (Marry Me, Mary), 
Kim Tae-hee (My Princess), 
Lee Yo-won (49 Days)
Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden)
Drama Original Soundtrack nominees:
“Found You” by JYJ (Seongkyunkwan Scandal), 
“Take Care, My Bus” by Jang Keun-suk (Marry Me, Mary), 
“Nothing Happened” by Jung Yeop (49 Days), 
“That Woman” by Baek Ji-young (Secret Garden) and 
“That Person” by Lee Seung-chul (Bread, Love and Dreams)
Awards for popularity are based on online activity of fans, so… yes, I did that. I made JKS rise… I typped “JKS idiotic hair” in yahoo! Will be repenting for the next hour, don’t call.

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6 Responses to Seoul Drama Award 2011 nominees

  1. alexe says:

    Laughing about your bury,marry : I totally agree . Best actor and best actress choices are really weird ; even if I didn't appreciate Secret garden because of the plot and the characters – I dropped it after 2 episodes – , the Otp knows how to act and did act . I wouldn't say so for the others even if I liked a lot Micky ; but SKKS was so good as a whole .

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Haha, I dropped Secret Garden around 11th episode. But also Song Seung-heon on the list? Let's add the Table… oops, I mean Kim Hyeonjung to the list and we will have all talents at the same plate.
    SG is overrated in my opinion. Way too hyped.

  3. alexe says:

    I like your wit !

  4. peggybrad says:

    I thought it was just me being old and tired. I have forgotten the rush of SKKS almost. I know for sure all the others have faded and died. At least the ones I could watch. I really am going through a trudge through the muddy ditch. Nothing is good in the drama world. I can't stand any of the 'boy bands' and refuse to listen or watch the girl floozies. It must be me right??? When will it all end and we can once more find a good drama and a good actor. Come back Kim Nam Gil. I'm so bored with little boys drama after drama. They are pretty and sweet but like cotton candy they melt away.

    It's me I think.

  5. Ethlenn says:

    Wait until Kim Raewon will be out. His drama is scheduled to September^^

    Me, on the other hand, I'm finding joy in either supporting some young talents or bashing talentless Divas, crappy dramas, you name it. My life can't be any better at this very moment.
    Love, Peggy!!

  6. peggybrad says:

    Kim Rae Won will do the trick if he just stand still and smiles. Thanks for the reminder that he will be returning.
    Kim Rae Won… Kim Nam Gil…Lee Dong Wook..

    Kim Jae Wook now melded into the military and lost for a couple of years.

    Well it's not all bad. I'll live

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