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Drawing a line between sex and pop

   Found an interesting article on one of my less frequently (well, 3 times per week) visited websites: KoreaHerald. Read and decide what side are you on. Or maybe none of these? Sorry for heavy topics lately, the next one … Continue reading

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JYJ – making biiig waves

   They are even featured in latest JoongAngIlbo board.   I guess everyone saw that coming. Everyone EXCEPT for KBS and perhaps SMEnt. With this issue, procrastinating beyond anyone’s limits of patience, both SMEnt and Korea may lose a lot. I … Continue reading

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Choi Sung Bong

   A friend of mine send me the link to one article, and I thought I knew what was it about. I was wrong. Talent from South Korea. Oh well, Korea is full of talents anyway, so I thought that … Continue reading

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