Choi Sung Bong

   A friend of mine send me the link to one article, and I thought I knew what was it about. I was wrong.
Talent from South Korea. Oh well, Korea is full of talents anyway, so I thought that nothing can startle me anymore. And since I refused to watch Korea Got Talent (duh, everyone knows that), I had no freaking idea about one contestant. Where have I been? (said with Sheriff of Rottingham’s accent)

The classical trained young man sings in baritone. And sings great. 
‘Nella Fantasia’ 
And my usual rant. There has been a small controversy around it, because the broadcast didn’t show the fragment when he stated about his musical education, but only about his poor childhood. OK, he did have it hard, but I guess emphasizing this will not help him. His talent will, not the sad story about the orphanage and all. This kind of story may be pull out on some less talented person, who can’t win the hearts (and ears) of the audience, so one may do an emotional blackmail, as I call it.
His personal history didn’t move me a milimeter, but his singing did. That’s all that counts.

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7 Responses to Choi Sung Bong

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh..he has had musical training? I thought he had taught himself….still….he is amazing

  2. alexe says:

    I was touched by his story ; he has a beautiful voice – really amazing .

  3. peggybrad says:

    This was shown on US news programme in full. It was quite amazing to listen to this gorgeous voice. It was obvious that he had been trained. No-one can sing with such ease without knowing how to breathe. He is charming and he already is going to stay on the highroad to success.His voice is beautiful and for me such a wonderful change from all the falsetto and high tenor voices of most of the young idol singers. I really will want to listen to this voice many times.

  4. NeKo-Rin says:

    Yeah, I saw this a while ago and his story is really sad and he has the most AMAZING voice I have ever heard.

  5. Ethlenn says:

    Hmm… I care to disagree, the most amazing voice has Mr. Hong Kwangho, keke^^' (fangirl alert!)

    And Peggy – lots of males can reach higher notes, but not every one of them in a clear way (and some just sound like pansies). So I admire those who can along with those who sing in baritone like this young man. And truthfully speaking, among all korean idol singers there are only 3 with pure and moving high notes.

  6. Sham says:

    I shared the link a time ago on my fb page ,I did love the voice , I didnt care much about the story , I also liked one performance , that bellydancer, she was soooooo good !
    Btw , why did you refuse to watch Korea Got Talent ?

  7. Ethlenn says:

    In every country there is …Got Talent. I watched few minutes of the one that airs here, and got disgusted. Maybe it's different, but still… I'm enjoying few other music shows nowadays^^

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