Countdown to org… ee… movie

   May I kyaa? May I? The teaser has been out since yesterday, but I’m slowly behind everything. Can’t wait, can’t wait^^

Update: July 26: two more posters added^^


The teaser:

teaser and pic: hancinema


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4 Responses to Countdown to org… ee… movie

  1. Lidia L says:

    behind everything,yes!(no offens!)you forgot Gyebaek?!Press conference,teasers,a lot of photos,and so on…..two days ago!! Inters

  2. ara says:

    Loads of movies and drama to look forward too!!
    Trailer looks promising, can already feel his presence…well and hers too, I guess?! 😉

  3. Ethlenn says:

    I'm preparing new post for Gyebaek, don't worry, but my work is also piling up…

  4. orbiter says:

    how can they both look so good. It is almost a crime. 🙂

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