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Infinite Interview Again

Can I haz pliz Dongwu. Boys have brainz. Omo, I’m gonna flip. Beware, lots to read. So far, only Dongwu and Seonggyu. The full translation: Becoming a ‘Real Man’ – INFINITE, A Love ConfessionTheir dramatic change over the course of … Continue reading

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Some sunshine into your lifes^^

They eat!! Oh, they eat!! Yes, yes, Chunnie, darling, eat! The rest: Protect The Boss OW & JYJ3

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Pop Music Censorship Meets with Strong Opposition

Looks like the issue is now out of control of anybody. And I can’t say I’m not enjoying that. Article below. Written by Lee Yoo Eun South Korean society is buzzing with anger over the government’s ban on numerous popular … Continue reading

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   This is exactly how I feel. Despite grim news around, despite splintering head. Sway… I made myself new tshirt and two pins. Yup, I’m obsessed, but spontaneously decided to not care. Plus, while going back for some goodies, I … Continue reading

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Note to Ministry

       Dear Ministry of Gender Bullshit and Family Don’t Care! Instead of playing stupid games of banning songs, lyrics and MVs, here, I present you the actual problem you make take under connsideration. Oh, it’s not as easy as … Continue reading

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JYJ again

Day by day, JYJ’s international activities as Korean representatives are attracting much attention. On August 26th, ‘The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific‘ was held at Busan’s BEXCO, and JYJ held a celebration concert for their … Continue reading

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The Princess’ Man – Ship Scene

   I’m abnormal, yes, but I do love those ship scenes. I love them so much I cut zem, joined and now I can guiltlessly watch those 11 minutes. Although the beach scene and forest run were also awesome. Should … Continue reading

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