So goodbye…

… don’t cry and smile^^

Pictures for the next 2 weeks.

And last, but not least… Bidam The Retard^^

Da derpy derpa derp…

pictures credited as stated^^


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11 Responses to So goodbye…

  1. peggybrad says:

    For a minute I wondered what you meant by 'So Goodbye…..shock… and then of course the amazing vitamins of the photographs (some of which you have been hiding E.) and I felt safe again. I do miss this guy.

  2. ara says:

    Is it already this time of the year again, huh??
    Ecchan going into secclusion. Hope you manage to recharge your batteries despite everything else ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Come back safe and sound,
    I'll be lonely without you!

  3. alexe says:

    What do you mean exactly by this goodbye ? Does it mean that your blog shuts down while you go for holiday ? then when would you come back ?
    These pictures show exactly why you are mesmerized by this man : elegance and secret , that's what he exsudes – from my point of view . Great thing of yours for sharing your pics' treasure .

  4. Rin Sanada says:

    kyahhh! you're leaving for 2 weeks? What shall I do with myself….I miss Kim Nam-gil ssi…thanks, see you soon!

  5. alexe says:

    If you go to the south of my country , just tell me and come and see me !

  6. aili says:

    enjoy your holidays!!Im leaving today too, for 3 weeks… a working holiday though, heh!

  7. magyar kati says:

    Have fun in your holidays! And do lots of pictures for us ok ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. peggybrad says:

    Enough already E. come back come back

  9. Ethlenn says:

    Helloooo!! I'm baack!!
    Aww, feel so mobilized by your words!
    Be right back.

  10. alexe says:

    Good !Looking forward to reading your witty posts !
    I hope you enjoyed your holidays and that you are full of strength and joy .

  11. alexe says:

    Wooh it's fun you are back ; looking forward to your witty posts .
    I hope you had good holidays and that you come back full of strength and joy .

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