Celebrity is dating.

    “Omg, oh noez, mah fangirl heart will explode with anger!! How could he done this to me??”
That was few months back, with Jonghyeon case, poor idiot admitted he was dating and pics of him embracing his then-girlfriend created a typhoon. What a storm then followed! I have never seen such havoc about dating. True, I saw netizens rage in Jihun’s case, but not the freaking dating. 
Actors/singers are not human? Do they have to stay single or lie about it and date in some bunkers just to please hormonally unbalanced 15-yo imbeciles?
How on Earth and Saturn someone else’s life affect those dimwits so much? They never met and probably never will, so instead of wishing all the best with love, they are “heartbroken”, “cheated”, “disappointed”. Disappointed with what? With the fact that your “oppa” has a girlfriend and you still prop up the wall on the school ball? Mah poor idiot bowed down in tears expressing apology (I bet SMEnt has its share in this move) just because he committed the crime worst than any canibalistic ritual – he dated. 

It still puzzles me how fangirl’s brain (?) works. And although I can point out some patterns on it, the overall dynamics of it leaves me speechless. There are tons of sh*t on the web in netizens comments, they go sometimes too far, they execute the power of masses. But apparently they have no idea about nuclear physics. There is something called critical mass. And there are in fact few factors that lead to nuclear chain reaction and explosion. And I hope for such explosion in netizens little bordered world. I just want the hell unleashed upon them. They are too free and too scary in their actions (lately it’s beeen reported that some of them creeped into hotel where SHINee boys stayed in, oh well).
So yes, Lee Minho and Park Minyeong are dating. So what? Should they be stoned because he’s someone’s “oppa”? And he broke the hearts of those thousands who thought of themselves as the only one that possesses his heart.

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8 Responses to Celebrity is dating.

  1. alexe says:

    By the way , I don't think Lee Minho is dating Park Minyoung but rather SKKS girl , who is much more daring than the real PMY .
    Talking about some fangirls it is a sort of cannibalism which is deep-rooted in human minds : don't we say to devour with the eyes , to smother with kisses , to eat someone alive . In a fangirl there is a lot of a bacchante , ready to tear to pieces .Evoe evoe !

  2. Ethlenn says:

    Ahahaha… oh, that is one funny comparison, but such acute!
    Now I will have this in mind every time I think of either fangirls or bacchante. Glad to have you here, alexe^^

  3. peggybrad says:

    Actually I don't give a damn who Lee Min Ho dates as long as it's a human being. He does not move me in any carnal way. Some actors do and some don't but I could not enter into a weird world thinking that Kim Nam Gil would be having his way with me even tho I adore the actor.
    He is certain to have had life experiences which include mad passionate love..at least I hope so..because he shows that knowledge and aptness when he is acting in certain scenes in dramas. That I enjoy and must say there is a certain frisson similar to the one I get from Kimura. That does not mean I keep them locked up in a box away from normality.That madness is for fangirls and stalkers and other dangerous creepers.
    I am just a redblooded female who has memories of real life and love with a real man. It's just that some actors..well a few..can revive those memories very nicely. Enough for me to enjoy.

  4. Rin Sanada says:

    Why do people care so much when someone dates is the biggest mystery to me because it has nothing to do with the fans in any form or manner who their celeb dates. Celebs don't even know we even exist except for in a state of massiveness, not individually. I'm sure they are happy to know that they have fans…you need fans in order to survive the business that they are in, but it won't hurt them if a fan girl's psychotic crush is ripped into reality and breaks the mass of goob called their 'heart' that it really is.

  5. Ethlenn says:

    Well, normal people don't care. Normal people. We are not talking about normal people, yet normal fans even. We are talking about those hordes of imbeciles.

  6. alexe says:

    Let me be the devil's advocate as I maybe have the devil inside me . Fangirling is based on the identification with the female lead or / and the male lead as identification is a complex movement grounding on the parents' figures .
    I am not able to watch or even read without this identification ; that is why I can't watch even renowned movies with certain actors .
    I have read many thousands books and I understand what is litterature and art ( I have experienced that very , very few people know what is art ) but the first pleasure – of course in a k-drama – is identification .
    This identification is too hard if the male lead is dating with someone else than the female lead .
    I believe that's the reason of the deep despair of the fans : they feel abandonned as they have been abandonned by their parents ( that's what growing up means ) . So I am very magnanimous towards them . That to be said , I would not like to be an actor/ actress ; I have past some time in theaters as a producer and a writer , not as an actor .

  7. Ethlenn says:

    But well of course this identification is a crucial point in watching/listening/reading (random order), but what you are referring to is blurring of the line between reality and fiction.
    It's all true what you said, but I believe there is a time when everyone should cut the umblical cord and not looking for their parents everytime. That's how we grow up.
    So even though I know the reasons why young girls act like that, I'm not even a gram lenient towards them.

    I envy you. Theater is a special place, perhaps this is why I love plays, musicals and stage performances. Have my small past of an actress, ekhem.

  8. Sham says:

    Poor souls ! They are sick that's it , It's a disease like others !
    Happy for the new couple , PMY is a quite short for him but they are so cute together !

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