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Killer Girl K

   It’s not actually a drama. It is classified as “TV movie”, and it really is one. Truthfully, I really like series produced by Korean cable broadcasts (like CGV, tvN, E-Channel). They are more mature, brave, and not typical. Probably … Continue reading

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JYJ drama, Episode 16

   It all looked like a normal, regular Kdrama, 16 episodes and it was supposed to end with the trial, and some “happily ever after” crap. It didn’t end that way. It was extended, and changed into taeha, you know, … Continue reading

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Proof that idols

… can think actually. Omo, they are not in showbiz as long as The Diva, yet they know their place and they are not “I’m-Queen King-Of-The-Universe!!”. With that attitude, I’m sold. Welcome to my pedo kingdom. And I just giggled … Continue reading

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I’m dead. Call others.

    I read the rumors about that, not believing a word, but since it’s been… (*collecting words*) since it’s… uhmm.. Nevermind, I forgot what I wanted to write. Jeong Jaeyoung was in a movie with Kim Namgil, and now with … Continue reading

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Korean drama OST evolution

          Some time ago (with stressing this “some” part) we had this talk with friends about how it is possible that Korean movies OST rock (most of them) and how Kdrama OST… hit the rock bottom. But since two … Continue reading

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Blood, lot of blood.

       As we are left with only four more episodes to go, without any talk of extending (thanks for that!), the ending is still open. As I mentioned it earlier, I will accept any scenario, tragic or filled with … Continue reading

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       Yes, I will write that publicly – FileFactory is a bunch of non-professionals. I stored there my files, because they promised to “keep your files for-eva” (say that with Latrine’s accent and you’ll get my point). Well, apparently … Continue reading

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