Han Yeseul to testify

   Let me get this straight. So it takes havoc created by one actress to bring law upon this? Not that I’m against or anything, but somehow idol-world came to my mind. We all know Kdrama-world is harsh, the circumstances of shooting are hellish and lots of actors wind up getting an IV or medical treatment. And I’m partially thankful for Han Yeseul that she made such a mess. The fact she screwed up her own nearest future with the same move is another thing. Right now the impact of her go-an-coming real-life drama is intense, but in few months it will dissipate and no one will care anymore – thus nothing will actually change.
We all know that actors sleep at best 3 hours per day while shooting dramas, we know Korea doesn’t do “pre-production” dramas, and the plot, actors, writers and god-knows-what-else is based on ratings and viewers reactions.
We all know how idols are treated as well. And somehow I don’t see anything like that coming their way. And majority of them is really young. DBSK splitting has shaken and reshaped the Kpop idustry but it’s still not enough. They aren’t vocal enough. They aren’t shocking enough. Latest depressed Leeteuk (I hope I got his name right) twitter messages are nothing to the industry, they just worry his fans and that’s all.
Even with high suicide rates both in “normal” society, or celebrity world in Korea, everyone seems to turn the blind eye on the problems. And there are problems. What else industry needs to start thinking of their stars not as gold-producing-machines but as human beings instead? Who else has to die?

Actress Han Ye Seul, the female protagonist of the KBS drama series “Spy Myung Wol” who caused the first-ever trouble in broadcasting as she boycotted her participation in the filming, has been called to the National Assembly to state her views on the drama production environment before the lawmakers. The National Assembly Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting and Communication Committee (Chairwoman Rep. Cheon Jae Hi) recently announced the roster of witnesses and testifiers for its annual inspection of government offices. In the roster, Han Ye Seul was selected as a testifier during the inspection session on the first day of the parliamentary inspection to be held at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Sept. 19. She is to state her views on improving the filming environment of TV dramas in connection with the latest KBS drama broadcasting problem. The parliamentary inspection is based on the Article 61 of Constitutional Law and Article 127 of National Assembly Law (Law on parliamentary inspection and investigation of government offices) under the initiative of National Assembly Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting and Communication Committee. It is aimed at surveying and finding problems in the national administration and reflect the result in its law making, inspection of bills, budgets and policies as well as correcting unfair practices and presenting policy options to the relevant government agencies. During the planned annual inspection, the parliamentary committee will conduct an inspection of 28 government offices including the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Cultural Heritage Administration and Korea Communications Commission and 23 start-run firms. Twenty-eight lawmakers on the committee will make up the inspection team. A head of the KBS drama department, Ko Young Tak, will appear as a testifier and give his opinion representing drama producers in the upcoming parliamentary session, while Han Ye Seoul will give her opinion representing actors. Four witnesses including Kim Byeong Seok, a representative of the CJ E&M music performance business, will participate in the inspection session on Sept. 19. Lawmakers are expected to ask Kim about sound source distribution. Veteran trot singer Tae Jin-ah, president of the Korea Singers Association, will also appear in the national assembly meeting and speak about an issue on copyright trust and singers’ standard contract forms. Han Ye Seul had refused to participate in the filming of “Spy Myung Wol” on Aug. 14 and left for the USA. She came back to Korea two days later and returned to the film set. Whether Han will appear in the inspection session is not certain now. 
Writer: KBS Media Park Jae Hwan 
Copyright Ⓒ KBS&KBS Media

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3 Responses to Han Yeseul to testify

  1. peggybrad says:

    The entertainment system in Korea is very set in the pattern. Actors and singers are the lowest on the totem pole and I imagine little will change for them. I personally think that it will take a fading of the 'hallyu' phenom. before anything will cause anything better in the system. I don't know why the girl groups have been such a craze in Japan and really even some of the male groups are not all that polished. It would seem that it is like a virus that starts with something or someone who is actually talented and then the fangirls take it up and scream their heads off for anything as long as it is Korean…good or bad. It won't last forever, but in the meantime we will have instances like Han and also like the really serious health problems as in Yeochun. His life from now on will always have the cloud of shingles over his well being. Have they ever used doubles in martial arts? Aren't the actors of value so that they would want to keep them fit and uninjured? I know…I am bellowing at the moon here.

  2. Ethlenn says:

    As for martial arts… I know two of the present sageuk dramas don't use them.
    And we know Namgil-nim also did everything himself.

    As for the problem, you touched one very sensitive problem – it's the popularity that spins this insane circle. And yes, right now, fans (fangirls) will take everything what is “made in Korea” good or mediocre. And apparently critical thinking is equal to hating now.

  3. alexe says:

    And petty pest pet ( P3 ) has nothing to say ?

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