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Creepy Blabbering

   We, on continental Europe don’t celebrate Halloween. I don’t want to celebrate that. All Hallows’ Eve (Night), All Saints’ Eve, Samhain. It’s celtic tradition distorted by shallow American culture. I’m sorry if I offended some people’s feelings, but I … Continue reading

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Winter Dramas

Not the happiest person here when winter is mentioned, but what can I do? Make some cocoa and hope that more hawt men will be on screen.  I’m not joking when I complain about the winter here. I don’t have … Continue reading

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October 31st

For being born and for watching over me 23.08.1970 – 31.10.1993

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Fun gifts for quirky Korean holidays

Square apples with “Pass” sign on them. I used my break to go around and read on the net what’s new. And came across this nice, funny article about unusual gifts that Korean give and receive on many occasions. Here: … Continue reading

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Immortal Song 2 – weekly report

 Oh, OK, can’t make sense because of Namstar’s first win. He lost in the next round, but judges were also favorable on his performance so I can go eat my dinner as a happy woman. Too much of Infinite lately? … Continue reading

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INFINITE – the future of Hallyu

Oh well, some are bored already, I know. This would be my next Hancine article, so this is actually all features of Big Dipper combined. Still, it’s not as broad as I would like it to make (maybe in the … Continue reading

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Junsu in new musical

   For the love of kyaa! This boy has chosen the right path for him, and the right musical. Oh damn, now I’m so excited to watch it (as fancams I guess over my friendly black hole youtube). He did … Continue reading

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