JYJ ban confirmed

   Kpop doesn’t know “boring”, “uneventful” etc.
Oh well, sky is blue, rain is wet, what else is new?

I have to apologize for not keeping my promises about translations, but I’m kind of busy lately.


KBS recently announced that JYJ can’t appear on their Music Bank.
On the 18th, the program posted a note on their official homepage, “Entertainers, who are in litigation, can effect the result of the lawsuit if they appear on TV. We will watch the events as they develop and then we will make a decision regarding their appearance.”
Since JYJ is currently in litigation, KBS will not allow JYJ to appear on their programs until the result comes out.
When fans asked Music Bank about JYJ’s appearance in May, the program officially said, “JYJ couldn’t appear on the show because they didn’t release their official album. If they release their album, they will obviously enter the chart.
However, KBS didn’t keep their promise.
On the 19th, JYJ’s agency says, “We feel sorry that KBS didn’t keep their promise to the public.”
The agency adds, “As we said before JYJ is in litigation regarding an unfair contract but the court ruled JYJ should not be penalized in their entertainment activity. KBS should present proof for their fair judgement of appearance to all the entertainers. We think if KBS respects the court’s judgement, they have to follow what the court said.”
JYJ released their first Korean album In Heaven and over three hundred fifty thousand albums have been sold. JYJ will hold their exclusive concert in Spain on the 29th.
Source: Starnews via: Korea.com

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