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Matricidal student had no one to turn to

Another article from JoongAngIlbo. But Korea prefers to focus on banning dramas and shun real problems, right? Oh well, escapism is nice and cozy but leads to really “warm” times and broken glass. High school senior’s mother became obsessed with … Continue reading

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Dancing Cat is dancing!

Article from JoongAngIlbo below. Cats are the subject of a new documentary that is likely to change how the animals are seen in a country that has traditionally regarded them with suspicion. The film originated with Lee Yong-han, a professional … Continue reading

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The Prince of Asia is so generous!!

   OK, I have enough of alcohol in my blood right now, so whatever I write may be just taken as blabbering. JYJ young men and Jaejung alone had made the donations (they are probably the most charity obsessed people … Continue reading

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JYJ donation for Thailand Flood Relief

JYJ worked with the World Vision in Thailand Emergency Relief for Flood Recovery group and donated 200 million won to help them with their fundraising goals.This amount will be able to provide victims of the flood with emergency food and … Continue reading

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PSH – uhm, my mind?

What is it anyway?Click on your own risk.  Yes, I can’t sleep so I google all my men (and young men). Yes, I had an encounter today with a big frakking, beasty dog. I love this little ironies in life.

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C-Jes Family Shares Happiness

  One of the best 4.50 in my life lately. It sends so warm feelings, so nice as if you just sit by the fire and watch your hot chocolate steam. The best moment? Derpy Jae dropping hot potato? Or … Continue reading

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Song Junggi is a wolf boy

      Waiting for this project as well. His character’s outline reminds me of “3-Iron” that is among my favorite Kmovies eva, and it’s an achievement to play such part. And play it successfully. Article below. A rising movie star … Continue reading

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