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Cat attack

I just can’t. My kyaa glands just exploded. New trailer is out on Hancinema and I thought about putting it here as well. And since this was mentioned already in the previous post about this movie (read first comment), those … Continue reading

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Some video

Because probably I’m running out of time, so I’m postin’ like mad. Starting from Chunnie. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what he says, but the way he says that. It has english subs, I noticed after third rewatch, yes. … Continue reading

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Fans United!

I probably got this from my daily tumblr update (not that I have any).I love you, whoever are on this pic. And yes, in your face SMEnt!!

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Lost in Translation

   Since I ordered myself some break, I will now, good readers, mention a bit what I’m doing every day. No, not shufflin’. Tranlatin’. It’s not as visually catchy (although not new, MJ had this 20 years ago, but some … Continue reading

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Is there a better way to start a month than with whining about upcoming Award ceremony? Oh, actually there is but anyway… Hmm, the Best male Group has 2xSMEnt, 1xJYP, YJ, and Cube Ent… Let’s see who will win. And … Continue reading

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