My Lovely Dino

Two derps, the left one is precious.
   Since writing is painful still, I just present a short video I found while getting out of my normal self with boredom. This time – Jonghyeon.
You know, all this talk about handsome, bla bla. I don’t really care, he’s mah baby and he’s the puppy. He could look like hunchback from Notre Dame, and I would still stand by his side. Because I met this dino puppy by ears. Oh, the fact I have… uhm… not only ears fantasies… I mean… oh well.
This evil hair in RDD, yes, I blame this.

Lovely Jonghyun lj page^^

 Yup, I pledged my allegiance to this pocket-sized gem and he may spit some nonsense or he may be unable to write his own name, I’d still say:

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