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Have fun!

   I want to wish everybody happy, peaceful and wonderful Christmas/Holidays, with your family, beloved and friends. Some dorks are wishing you the same. Brace yourself for Yucheonnie^^ Dear Santa!If I don’t find anyone of those below this Christmas, I … Continue reading

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Oppa is safe??

   So, Kim Jong Il is dead and girls all around the globe worry about… yes, you read that right, their oppas in the military! The son of late dictator is said to be far worse than his father, Japan … Continue reading

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So, people, What’s Up!

   OK, after few busy days, hectic days ahead. I moved out (old flat owners being jerks, but it’s normal here), and since I have warm (WARM!!) room, I restarted watching dramas. Two, actually. The Cutie Vampire Prosecutor and What’s … Continue reading

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Ali’s confession

Recent song by Ali has stirred up the public opinion, otherwise known as netizens. She wrote a song about a rape victim, being herself one. And now she is forced to remove the song from album just because as the … Continue reading

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Award Winners

Something for Ara^^She knows how to gutter me. This is paybaaaack!!  Music: Grand Award: MBLAQ Second Grand Award: Song Dae Gwan Popular Artist: Park Sang Chul Movie: Best Actor Award: So Ji Sub (‘Always’) Main Actor: Ryu Seung Ryong (‘Arrow, … Continue reading

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Kisses genres

Great, my screen is clean again^^ This is called “screen kiss”.    This is fun! I thought a kiss is just a kiss, but no, not in Korea. There are kisses and KISSES according to this article on HanCine. While … Continue reading

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YB again!

Certain someone here will be happy^^Their title track I posted some time ago,  ㅋㅋㅋ…Oh well, double post won’t hurt anyone, mehehe. Here: The band YB released a mini album entitled “Blue Whale” which includes various music from different genres including … Continue reading

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IS 2 stars

This time, MV by Ali and song by Hong Kyung Min.Have a nice listening^^ Here: Ali:   Hong Kyung Min (홍경민) – 내가 사는 이유 (I Am Alive OST):   Enjoy!

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Kdrama musings

  With 2011 going to its inevitable end, here comes the time of different statistics, charts and summaries. I will do it as well, because it’s tempting, it is, but not right now, and since I re-submerged (is this even … Continue reading

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Curses and courses

   I’m starting to believe in curses. Happy me lived her entire life shunning this and putting this into mythology pages. But it’s real! It has to be real, because ever since August I had maybe 2 weeks of relatively … Continue reading

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