Love peace ebbryone

   JYJ Berlin concert interview with subs and Chunface. If you feel bad, or down, just look at that face and all your troubles disappear. 100% efficiency.
He should be prescribed… Hmmm… *naughty fantasies alert*
And since I’m in a fuzzy wuzzy mood (I finished an article in 48 hours, and I’m going to get dead drunk to celebrate that, my other article got published! yeah…) Big Dipper Christmas video.
I guess they decided to not to wait for Mayan end of the world and die from overworking.


And here:
Enjoy! Till we meet again (when I sober up^^)
But on the sidenote – Woollim has never let me down in terms of making MV. The cinematography is beautiful here. So warm, so well balanced. I need that in 1080…
On the happy note – I found another apartment to rent. On an unlucky note – I caught a cold. Another reason to drink hot beer.


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