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Fluxus strikes back

   Because anything is better than reading about key-hole shape tombs in Korea and Samhan tribes. I’ve been suffering lately from Tei withdrawal, listening obsessively to his 4th album and stalking Fluxus YT. This way, I present new MV of … Continue reading

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Star Special Lecture Show

  No way, Korea really does know the term ‘gay’? But still can’t differentiate between homosexual, transsexual and transvestite.   Hong Seok Cheon recently appeared on the February 25 broadcast of tvN′s Star Special Lecture Show, where he spoke about … Continue reading

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Oppa didn’t… ooh, it’s eonni!

   New semester started and I had no time to make a proper post, but I just got back from work (yes, this semester also on Saturdays), filled meself with tortilla (I’ll starve until Monday after that, I bet), ready … Continue reading

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This is the only moment: Kim Junsu

One Junsu interview to grace our mundane, grey lives. Please, Junsu, stop getting more and more perfect (as if it was even possible).  Pay attention what this flawless being says about entertainment and being an idol. This is the only … Continue reading

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2011 Kdrama OSTs

   Bad thing is – there wasn’t any OST that I would buy in a heartbeat. There were some nice songs that fitted the drama, yet nothing as spectacular and powerful as, let’s say, Chuno OST or Revenge of Gumiho … Continue reading

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History of the Salaryman

   Title sounds painfully boring, right? The plot tells actually nothing more. Synopsis, according to is even worse: “‘Salaryman Chohanji’ depicts the trial and tribulations of the average salaryman, from humble beginnings to success. This drama portray the salaryman’s … Continue reading

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Arrow – the pointy thing

The road to Rivendell is… oh no, wait, wrong story.    Weirdly enough, this movie’s title is simply “Bow” that evolved into Arrow – The Ultimate Weapon. Don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea. There is also another … Continue reading

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