What is Padam Padam to ‘bad angel’?

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This makes my contempt and disdain for certain Divas even deeper.

What is Padam Padam to ‘bad angel’?
Big wings, ceaseless smile and tolerance allowing to understand everything – this is the usual image of an angel in dramas or movies.
However, in JTBC’s Padam Padam, angel Yi Guksu shattered this common image. He became a criminal after trying to rob an ATM for his mother surgery. Also, because of a hatchet in his hand, the charges of attempted murder were added and he was sentenced to 4 years in prison.
Even after releasing, although loathsome to him, he engaged in violence again. Always repeating that he can’t embrace human feelings, he however used Min Hyosuk to get his wings. He’s a ‘bad angel’ who kisses heartlessly.
Kim Beom explained: “Angel character is really vast. I realized that this ‘Yi Guksu’ was bound with both perfect script and the whole framework, however I had doubts how should I act and on what basis. When I had some spare time before shooting, I asked for opinion the director, writer, manager and family about this ‘Yi Guksu’. I planned to reflect all those opinions and make the character real.”
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He also looked for an inspiration in childhood memories and from kids.
“When I was a kid, I thought about angels.  Everyone does it at some point, right? When my mother had a hard day but praised me for looking after my brother, I felt it was an angel day.”
“Looking at children and their pure simplicity, I decided to include that into the character. I had ‘Yi Guksu’ already in my head, but the shooting was the problem. Myself, I was alright with that, but there was a lot of situations where people around started to laugh to the point I couldn’t endure it. There was a lot to show: as the guardian angel of Kangchil – the foresight regarding his future, the scene of flying on wings, and the pain of growing wings on the back. At first, I caused lot of laugh from staff. It was the same in any other scene. I was acting earnestly, but the whole staff was chuckling.” He said frankly.
“The scenes of flying on wires were done when it was warm. It was hard but fun. Then, the scenes of prophecies, those were difficult. Jeong U-seong hyeong part was recorded beforehand, and I examined it closely before starting my own shooting. When there was enough time, I visited the place of his scenes. If people can spot the lie when seeing something, they will be able to sense the lie.”
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What about the reality of angel Kim Beom?
“Borrowing Guksu’s own words – if I collect 12 thousand of white stars thanks to good deeds, I’ll become an angel. During recording maybe I collected 8 thousands of them, but looking back at life up to this moment, the ratio of white and black stars is 50:50.”
He added with a shy smile: “There are some bad things, some lies that only I know about. So maybe I won’t get that much of white stars any time soon.”
“Guksu said there will be 3 miracles. To revive someone who died is a particular miracle, but Mother (Na Munhee) said also that for the old person not dying is a miracle. If you could come back hundreds, thousands of times, it would be miracle too. From the casting until finishing this drama I had this feeling, and in this sense this would be also a miracle.” he pondered.
“For me Padam Padam was a given chance to change the values or inclination. I learned about the importance of life, of your own life as well, about the family feelings, relations. This work was created to make people think about the important feelings, about living ones and those things that were somehow forgotten.”
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