2011 Kdrama OSTs

   Bad thing is – there wasn’t any OST that I would buy in a heartbeat. There were some nice songs that fitted the drama, yet nothing as spectacular and powerful as, let’s say, Chuno OST or Revenge of Gumiho OST. Oh yes, 2010 was a good year for dramas. Maybe last year of some quality in main 3 broadcasts’ productions.
But if I had to pick up the best score – it would be NToG and What’s Up! But the second drama started in December and ended in February, so it’s not entirely 2011 one.
First, this list is not of any particular order. I just have one method – I’m going through the drama list. If I can think of any song from this drama – I post.
The first one, however, is really special. Lisa has never disappoined me with her songs for dramas (Gumiho, yeah!!), and this time as well, her voice is powerful enough to make me shiver.
Song for Queen Insu:
 You know I’m biased towards New Tales of Gisaeng, but this drama had great OST, I admit. I’m not sure which of the main songs was better, the one by Rumble Fish or Kim Shin-ah.The video below is of Rumble Fish song.
Next song I enjoyed even though I hated the drama at the end? Yeseong’s song for Idiot Dongsu:
And I have a weak spot for NoeL, this song, unlike other OST songs, I sang along while watching the drama. It relieved a stress a bit, really.
Shin Seungheon for Thousand Days’ Promise:
Han Groo for her drama Killer K. It’s a pop, fine, but the cheerful tune is in such dysharmony with dark, bloody and gruesome drama, that it almost feels as some perversive pleasure.
Honorable mention of Junsu:

Park Wankyu for The Princess’ Man:
Honorable mention of Chunface 😛

Daeseong and his Lunatic:

And last but definitely not least, our very own derp with heavenly voice:

Did I miss something?

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