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Small gift for a friend

임동우: Im Dongwoo Debut: 2011 with the digital single 두사람… 다시 한사람 (Two people… again one person). Agency: Star Entertainment 180cm, 74kgCyworld Minihompy  That was really hard to find. because Infinite has ball of sunshine also named Dongwoo, plus, there … Continue reading

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K-OSTs taxes

   The taxes period is ending here. This is why I thought about writing a post highlighting some of the OSTs of the past 4 months. And again – it’s personal, subjective and biased. Music is a strange thing, even … Continue reading

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Kim Soo-hyun’s win is hotly debated

   I don’t feel as such a b*tch for complaining and whining about this boy’s winning now. The fact he didn’t deserve it is not only my and few friends of mine bitter remark, but it looks like others are … Continue reading

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Spring with dramas

   It’s hard to follow certain tumblrs and not to get exposed to spoilers. Fans who have lots of time and software in their hands mercilessly spam the dash with gifs. I don’t complain, since I’m pretty much indifferent to … Continue reading

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Casker & Fanny Fink

   Pastel Music is long gone, but Casker and Fanny Fink collaborated on this.So a small, Pastel Music remembrance post^^ See? I listen to other genres than only Jonghyeon and Tei.OK, that’s not any achievement… Casker: Fanny Fink: Enjoy^^

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Baeksang Popularity Awards

It has been decided, as the voting was counted from netizens’ side.I barely make any sense, sorry. And it’s not because of some extatic material that is below, no, but because of overreading lately. And forgive me, I’m lazy, I … Continue reading

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Kim Junsu is perfect flawless human

May will be such a hard month…But I wish they’d leave his hair for now, and he should eat more, pabo. A rep from C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of Kim Junsu’s management, told enews on April 19, “17,000 … Continue reading

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