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Top Band 2

   Watching weird music shows pays off from time to time. Koraeya – a fusion band that uses traditional intruments and also incorporates pansori technique of singing… This blew me away. If anyone of you watches this show, I found … Continue reading

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The unspeakable heresy

   While procrastinating because I’m stuck on last chapter of writing, I found this article on my daily feed. You all know I love nationalism issue, and especially Japanese one. It’s very different from all other nationalisms (even such fierce … Continue reading

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Ju Jihun new drama?

sdgshdfG^%^&!! Whatever, I just hope that project will see the light, not like the last two. KBS World wrote about new drama with Ham Eunjung and my eagle eye spotted JJH’s name, mehehe, I make no sense. Nice evening, nice … Continue reading

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Enjoying the week

   Of course I Do! There are some concurrent motifs in Kdrama nowadays, but I, for once, don’t care. There can be 5 dramas airing that have the same motif, and I’d still watch those that catch my interest. After … Continue reading

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Berliner Ensemble für Kammerchor und historische Instrumente

   Yesterday I went to the concert of the Renaissance music. And since I never take pics at such events, no pics, my lovely readers. There was one guy there, however, who constantly tried to force his camera to record … Continue reading

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SHINee shining

I don’t always write about SHINee, but when I do… it’s always 1/5th of it, OK, OK. Since Jonghyeon remains sweet idiot that he is, I’m not going to fuc… focus on… whatever… (*after 2 hours of running mindlessly and … Continue reading

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Kim Seonggyu on IS 2

   Well, the song didn’t allow him to fully show the voice, but damn… damn, boy.Korea is abundant with talents, and not only “good ol’ ones” but they pop up every few years. No, not every year.I’m happy Immortal Song … Continue reading

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