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Nice Guy

   Oh, we know Song Junggi a.k.a. Ara’s petto can be nice. This drama – not exactly. That would be a revenge drama, and let’s hope a little bit more consistent that Bad Guy (I just have to mention that, … Continue reading

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Five Fingers

   This is all I need to grab this man. I hope this drama doesn’t disappoint, I really do. Although, whatever, I’ll stay with it till the bitter end even. It has Jihun. He had to lose 6 kilos for … Continue reading

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Japanese Minotaur

   What do we remember about Minotaur myth? Minos, in order to get Poseidon’s support in wars, pledged to sacrifice a splendid white bull to the god in case he wins. Poseidon helped, but the King decided to keep the … Continue reading

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Music for a new week

   Some songs are known but in new versions (Immortal Song 2 strikes back!), some are purely insane. Did I or did I not make a review on Ulala Session’s album? Cause they’re bunch of insanely talented freaks (and they … Continue reading

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Some sad song

   I have the habit of creating my own OST while watching movies, series etc (and who doesn’t?). And ever since episode 8 of Gaksital, one song has been obsessively stuck in my head when watching this series.    This … Continue reading

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The Chaser

   Sometimes I don’t post all what I’m watching in the sidebar, especially when I’m doing 16 episodes in a weekend (jeez, that sounds slutty, even as for me, ekhem). And I usually don’t write posts about non-subbed dramas. But … Continue reading

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Shunji = Kangto

-To him while yet an infant Pallas gave- (…) -Two drops of blood that from the Gorgon fell. -And on the human frame what power have these? -The one works death, the other heals disease. (Ion by Euripides) The last … Continue reading

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Non-ending Asian War

Picture from KoreaBang        History is a tricky little bastard. European people en masse don’t care what happened outside of the continent border, hell, they don’t even care what happened inside. And I’m saying this as a fellow European … Continue reading

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Wave or Flood?

   I’ve been thinking lately (yeah it happens, thankfully not that often) about the current situation in Kpop, and I wanted to write a separated post with my thoughts on one particular group that I think should disband ASAP. But … Continue reading

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Return of the KiNG

Bow down before his glory (and derpiness) you unworthy peasants! I’m already there. I will get high on Jonghyeon’s and Mr. Hong’s voices today. A good day^^

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