Music for a new week

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   Some songs are known but in new versions (Immortal Song 2 strikes back!), some are purely insane.
Did I or did I not make a review on Ulala Session’s album? Cause they’re bunch of insanely talented freaks (and they are also on IS 2, muwahaha!). The song here starts (the song, not the MV which is a product of a wicked genius) with the piano as if taken directly from Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, then we have a painful swing – and then the chaos starts. Yes, the music line may remind you all to Kenny Loggins’ Footlose, but finding classical tropes in music is so much fun.

울랄라세션 (ULALASESSION) – 아름다운 밤 (Beautiful Night):

Plus, oh well, they got some killer moves, you know how weak I am when seeing dancing people.

As we speak about the dance… Ryeowook. His energetic performance from 2 weeks ago proved that you don’t have to sing a teary song to win. And Seonggyu stamped this truth yesterday. His performance was also lively, funny. Oh and it had Dongwu. Yes, that puddle of saliva it’s me.
I really should do more of Immortal Song 2 recaps.
But first, Ryeowook (with Eunhyuk and Shindong). Those who are familiar with Oppa Oppa song, will hear something funny:

And Seonggyu (and Dongwu):

Those back-up dancers are also good.

And last, sad song by Jo Yeongnam:


I know, my winamp (and neighbours) already hate me. Eh…


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