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Non-ending Asian War

Picture from KoreaBang        History is a tricky little bastard. European people en masse don’t care what happened outside of the continent border, hell, they don’t even care what happened inside. And I’m saying this as a fellow European … Continue reading

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Wave or Flood?

   I’ve been thinking lately (yeah it happens, thankfully not that often) about the current situation in Kpop, and I wanted to write a separated post with my thoughts on one particular group that I think should disband ASAP. But … Continue reading

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Return of the KiNG

Bow down before his glory (and derpiness) you unworthy peasants! I’m already there. I will get high on Jonghyeon’s and Mr. Hong’s voices today. A good day^^

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Ju Jihun is a (moron) King

   It’s funny to see Kdramas as the reason of poor netizens’ pride being hurt, yet trying to do something more competitive and awesome than usual sappy comedies. And on the other hand we have movies that can ridicule even … Continue reading

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Gaksital annoys k-netizens

You know I don’t hold 95% of netizens in high esteem anyway, but what lately was provided by Hancinema article is just plain idiocy at its finest. First, the article and my ramblings later. The appearance of Kimigayo and the … Continue reading

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SM’s lawyers applied for arbitration on July 11

All that is written below is NOT mine. *Arbitration in Korea may defer to your own country’s law system, so it’d be great if you could  accept as it says and try not to compare/adjust with your law system. Arbitration … Continue reading

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Cause you gotta have "Faith"

   George Michael sang this in 1987, long before it was cool to accuse this-and-this drama of stealing ideas. I could stay still, but since my bitchy nature is more prevalent – I’m writing. Some birdbrained fans are writing their … Continue reading

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