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Friends and Foes

   George Michael sang in Star People 97: “It’s a dream with a nightmare stuck in the middle” and this one sentence perfectly describes the latest mess in Gaksital. I want to say it loud and clear – I don’t … Continue reading

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Kpop haz it

Picture from here        The first half of 2012 had its share of scandals and rumors and bad things that were going around (JYJ controversy), but second half of 2012 started with a bang. We all know K-entertainment is … Continue reading

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Sex in Korean Schools

   Actually it’s about the education, but this title is more catchy and screams scandals, so forgive me the need for attention to this post. I’m putting this here because one user who mentioned this had Jonghyeon’s pic as the … Continue reading

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Ju Jihun’s update

       I’m mostly off these days, and instead of getting my blood boiling with K-entertainment, I have my blood boiling because of Olympics. But still, I cannot let myself stay behind, so I’m reading here and there (between volleyball … Continue reading

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