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SM Entertainment and the birth of the Hallyu

   There is a long stormy relationship between me and SMEnt. I fiercely hate some aspects of this particular construction, but some are still embossed in my heart and mind and I’m unable to let go, unwilling to let go. … Continue reading

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1000th Man of Arang

   I wanted to wait with The Thousandth Man when some dramas end, but no, my evil friend I. said the first episode was funny, so… Plus, my slutty greasy baby Wuhyeonnie is in it, so I planned to watch … Continue reading

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Naul Rides the Wind

   The winds of online charts too. Usually r’n’b singers are able to secure place in listeners’ hearts but not on music charts. The success of Naul is the combination of few factors in fact, in my opinion. First, some … Continue reading

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Confession of Murder

One of them is creepy here. And it’s not my JJY this time…    Well, that would be mine, if this movie doesn’t come my way any time soon. I realized that it takes a lot of patience to be … Continue reading

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Hoya’s Answer to 1997

Quite big interview, provided kindly by infiniteupdates.Really, really interesting read. KBS2 left the popular expression ‘pesticide-like girl’. Go Hyemi (Suzy) kept on complaining since she couldn’t get rid of the country bumpkin Song Samdong (Kim Soohyun) no matter how hard … Continue reading

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South Korean host bars – for women

Article found on BBC Website, and there is one true statement all wanking people should read if they intend to keep miaouling why Korea is not “as liberal and open as Western countries”. Statement that socially S. Korea is around … Continue reading

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Music report – September 17th

   I desperately need few albums of some men, desperately, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Eh.  End of wailing. So I’m after listening to Melon Charts TOP 100, which is a brainwashing process, believe me (yet … Continue reading

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I’m seeing wooden people…

   They don’t know they’re wooden… I understand some people may not like me, I wouldn’t like me too if I was a 15-yo who can barely read more than one page. The thing is, when I like/love/admire, I do … Continue reading

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Non-traditional families on the rise in South Korea

   An interesting article (translation to be precise) from Asiancorrespondent.  What I find really amusing though with such articles, is that it’s usually demoralized and bad Westerners who are excited if news about Korea show this country is slowly shedding … Continue reading

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Boys Over Contracts

I wrote quite a few stories inspired by our one and only sandbox on 150th floor without the fence that is Kpop. This came easily, nice voice on the looped playlist, plot already turned into makjang drama. This is a … Continue reading

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