KRY-ing so much^^

   OK, SMEnt, you earned few positive points today despite fanning my eternal flames of Fire That Will Devour The World (or something close to it). But this is the extent of me being nice, we have a war going on.
KRY released a song for Panda and Hedgehog drama. Series is OK-ish, I guess, I don’t judge it since I mostly crochet during it, stare at cakes and use it to kill SMEnt time waiting for other dramas (old habits die hard).

   This song I loved from the first sounds. I mentioned it few times already, I’m hopelessly ballad-soul-R’n’B girl (yeah… *cough*girl*cough). I know few ladies who love KRY and most of the fans are waiting for that promised album (oh well, I’m waiting for some other album since 2008 cause Chinese one doesn’t count) and SMEnt seems to be forgetting that they DO have high quality artists but they focus instead on releasing mediocre and generic music/groups (nanana, EXOtics will kill me one day, nanana...). 
We need KRY album and we need it right now!
I wouldn’t mind if it was all like the song below. Guitar, nice chorus, washboard (guiro?), Ryeowook… awwz, all what is nice.
picture credits are on the actual pic.

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