Jeong Jaeyoung’s Day

   There is a reason for everything. For me staying weirdly up until 1.30 am too. So that I could read 2 tweets regarding my men, kkk^^
Chosun Ilbo:
A day of cinema dedicated to actor Jung Jae-young will take place at the CGV Apgujeong multiplex in Seoul on Monday.
Movie Collage, an indie movie brand operated by CJ CGV, will screen Jung’s top films including his latest movie “Confession of Murder,” and hold a Q&A session with the star.
Other films to be featured on the day are “Someone Special” (2004), “Welcome to Dongmakgol” (2005), “Going by the Book” (2007), and “Moss” (2010).

source: here.
You know, that question session… I wish I could just be there giving out napkins…
Or to be in China right now…



Another one:

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