Apologies a la japonaise

   I have written this so many times, fanculture in Asia fascinates me almost on the same level as nationalism in Japan. Sadly, there is not even one opportunity for me to write any article dealing with that particular group of people so different from us like apes. We’re not the same species, trust me, and I was a fangirl, sometimes still am. “Fanculture” fascinates me on the level more wise people than me called as “mysterium tremendum et fascinosum“. And this is true, y’all.

Thanks to the article my friend provided, I had a good laugh. Idols, as we know them, can’t date, ride a subway or eat ice-creams. We, who are interested in K-entertainment, know that idols can’t date. Well, whether they do or don’t there is no point in checking, maybe sasaengs can. And I probably mopped the floor with shawols not once and not twice after what happened to Jonghyeon, so I won’t repeat myself.
But shaving head for this? Now, dear readers, allow me few days to write a huge post about funny things in fandoms, OK?
I bet Korea will soon start applying the same method to their idols dating people other than members of the same group (as in every cray teen kyaagirl’s mind).

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