Dear Sherlock K-Netizens

   I am writing you while completely smitten by your detective skills. Not only this, but keen eye and sharp Paint skills as well, which I lack and wish to improve (you became my role model, you see). I have always heard those stories about you, oh great K-Netizens but they seemed to be nothing more but myth that grows around an unreachable person. Oh how wrong was I! I will repent my silly mistake for ever and ever until the seas go dry (and you will probably figure out the cause of it). 

   You managed to split 70-minutes long video into 700 millions of frames and you went frame by frame in order to find some mistake we, blind and oblivious humans, could never spot! Oh how I envy thee! I admit, I have a life and could not do it even if I tried hard, but your devotion made me rethink my own duties towards society, friends, family, career and stomach. If it was not for you, 99.99999% of IRIS2 drama audience would never know that the guns are toys. Up until this moment I was living in a self-indulging peace of mind thinking that maybe actors hop around film-plan with real guns and real bullets and when they die – hasta la vista, baby, and they die for real. But thanks to you now I know the truth – they do not. How did you manage to spot something that intricately hidden into the set? I am truly amazed for bringing us this groundbreaking truth.

   That is why I am writing you now to help me identify the guns in the video below. Ever since it came out I had my few doubts about the guns used here, but no one could verify it and – of course – I am not qualified to pass the opinion. There are quite few scenes that make me think the guns are fake here.
So, this is the video:
I also tried to copy your technique and made few screenshots with suspicious elements.
As you can see, he holds it in a way that makes it impossible to fire, right?
And here, if he got the real bullet, I am quite sure the wound would be covered differently with his hand.
Again, the way he holds the gun makes me suspicious.
Doesn’t this look odd?
Also, I am not sure about this donkey, or maybe a horse. Please verify if maybe mules were used as war horses on Wild Wild West, thank you.
And just to add, I became highly iffy about Yesung’s mustache as well. Help in identifying would be much appreciated.

Please help, I am dying here to know the truth, and I believe it is not only me!

                                                 Sincerely, confused fangirl.

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