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Short music news

   I’m not doing a proper review. I never did. Lately I’ve been reading some books and articles on structure, anthropology and culture of popculture (focusing on music, damn I’m rhyming) so I know I’m not a proper critic. However … Continue reading

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M is for May Music!

   Finally listened to Younha’s new album. The artwork of the cover is some basic photoshop and it kind of put me off, because I don’t quite like those clouds and blending with face on the Moon. Because as we … Continue reading

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Sharkey Updates

       Seeing Namgil-nim being called ajusshi is not the reality I wanted, to be perfectly frank. That makes me ajumma and I refuse to be one. I’m a kickass nuna, thankyouverymuch.      I thought I may share few resources … Continue reading

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Additional music

   The other day we had this talk with a friend on Twitter about Lee Hyori’s new song and MV Miss Korea. This coming after hilarious viral news about Miss Korea/Seoul (unclear) and I find it pretty good timing. Lee … Continue reading

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May The Music Be With You

Lame title, I know, but with recent news regarding SHINee’s very own Dino and his accident, I’m happy I can actually write here. As for new music, to be honest, nothing knocked me down my feet (SHINee excluded, thankyouverymuch), however … Continue reading

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Jonghyeon’s Not Back Yet

And looks like he won’t be back so soon.I rest my case. Credits as shown.

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