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Music From Nothing

   Some of you heard about this, some maybe haven’t. I’m putting this up here just because one of my friends reminded me of it and it’s totally worth it. Just watch it next time you want to whine about … Continue reading

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Introduction to Wreck-the-Fanfic Project

I have never really understood the appeal of fanfics (fan-fictions). If someone wants to write, or feels the genius inside telling her (or him but rarely) to write, what’s the big deal of writing your own story? For me, fanfics … Continue reading

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Sword And Flower a.k.a. Tricks and Nonsense

   One thing first – I’m a first episode girl, I’ve been saying this all the time. I may not want to watch some drama (SKKS casus) but I try eventually and then decide. I fell in love with SKKS … Continue reading

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Japanese literature for dummies Part 2

   Previously we took a closer look into hedonistic lives of high aristocracy of Heian who spent their lives devoted to pursuing pleasures and honing the literary skills (real or imagined). In other words – Part 1. The very same … Continue reading

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