Blue Night Update 2

   Some people remember me doing similar thing when Namstar was appearing on Immortal Song 2. I guess I will be making a post once a week to present few songs from Jonghyeon’s Blue Night radio show. I have to admit, his music scope is really, really borderless.

To the music then. This will be from the second week: 02.10~02-17
But first, two songs from earlier eps which I didn’t mention.

Stevie Wonder, ladies and gents with a beautiful, beautiful song All in Love is Fair. A man who never sang a false note in his life.

Kim Dongryul – Departure:

On feb. 10 he played Bill Withers with his immortal Ain’t No Sunshine. I chose this version, because I love violins.

Sioen – Cruisin’

Lalasweet – 파란 달이 뜨는 날에

One beautiful song by MGMT – Congratulations:

Standing Egg –사랑에 빠져 본 적 있나요?

Zola Jesus – In Your Nature. Under THIS link there is, maybe better known, remix of this song.

Lee Sora – 나를 사랑하지 않는 그대에게

3rd Line Butterfly – 깊은 밤 안개 속 (awesome song!):

Kodaline – High Hopes:

Yoon Do Hyun – I’m a Butterfly:

Paul McCartney – My Valentine (go figure when it was, kkk)

Brown Eyed Soul from the new album – Pass Me By:

Chet Baker – My Funny Valentine:

KINO – Blood Type (it’s in Russian, so beware):

And one of my absolute faves: Thornapple – 살아있는 너의 밤 (yes, I kept this delicious song for the end):


There was also H.O.T.’s song “환희” but for the reasons beyond the scope of this post I won’t give it here. It was the program I called “back to the 90’s”, with FIN.K.L and Panic.
Considering uri DJ gives us 10-14 songs during those 2 hours, I give you this link again to personally check every song. There are names, don’t worry.

Picture credit: Blue Night website

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