Throwback Thursday Part 44

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So today’s TT is to the days we all had a good night’s sleep.

Which was probably in utero. I know I’ve done a similar Throwback a while ago. But hey, new songs!

And no, I know where Lion Sleeps Tonight.

First one, before going to sleep, one needs a lullaby. Preferably by The Cure:


Then, after you’re asleep, you can be Talking In Your Sleep (if you’re a Romantic):


Or just simply dreaming. It’s all you have to do.


Throw away ghosts from your bedroom. We all know where this is going.


Exactly into your weirdest, sexiest dreams:


Or not, who am I to know?


Or else Dream Police might come chasing.


You can also Dream Evil. Oh wait, that’s me.


We’ve all been there, sister.


Nothing a little Sleeping Powder can’t fix:


Then you can be sleeping in randompeople’s cars:


Something we all wish:


So when you wake up, you’ll have some Dreams to Remember:


And better to keep up with your Circadian rhythm.


Or else you’ll have Sleepless Night(s):

(no, I haven’t listened to it. Yet.)


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