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Kim Namgil ^^

   8 gifs I just made from one scene in Bad Guy. Because of reasons. And derpiness. Since the man was in the army, I was also laying low… uhm.. bad wording, OK. I was inactive on his… uhm… also … Continue reading

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Kisses genres

Great, my screen is clean again^^ This is called “screen kiss”.    This is fun! I thought a kiss is just a kiss, but no, not in Korea. There are kisses and KISSES according to this article on HanCine. While … Continue reading

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Bad Guy on japanese TV

As if he needed more unhinged fangirls… Actor Kim Nam Gil (30) appears on Japanese TV this autumn. The SBS TV series Bad Guy in which Kim Nam Gil plays the main role, and Sign in which Kim Ah Joong … Continue reading

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Seoul Drama Award 2011 nominees

       I voted last year and even though I cheated, Kim Namgil-nim didn’t win. Wonder whether… oh, wait, SKKS is on the list! So we meet again, conscience… and bye! Main Website I planned to do something contructive this … Continue reading

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Omo, we forgot to pay you! Mian!

Producers and directors of soap operas and movies may have difficulty shooting as scheduled after a group of management agencies announced they were refusing to let their actors work due to unpaid wages and performance fees. The Corea Entertainment Management … Continue reading

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2010 – R.I.P.

   I think I should do this beforehand, but somehow it wasn’t my first thought few days ago. 2010 ended, and I’m glad. Months after March were bad and deteriorated quickly. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and bitter? I’m … Continue reading

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Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : A Successful Guide on How to Ruin Yourself Before Others

   I don’t think I will sleep tonight. Or again, I don’t think I will have a nice sleep. OK, lets don’t overdramatize, I will sleep anyway. There are two solutions: either Gun Wook fakes or he really went crazy. … Continue reading

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