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Dancing Cat

     This is not supposed to be another movie review. I watched Dancing Cat some time ago, both smiling and crying throughout 1.5h of this movie. If anyone expects fluffy little kitties prancing around and chasing after the dot … Continue reading

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Dancing Cat is dancing!

Article from JoongAngIlbo below. Cats are the subject of a new documentary that is likely to change how the animals are seen in a country that has traditionally regarded them with suspicion. The film originated with Lee Yong-han, a professional … Continue reading

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Cat attack

I just can’t. My kyaa glands just exploded. New trailer is out on Hancinema and I thought about putting it here as well. And since this was mentioned already in the previous post about this movie (read first comment), those … Continue reading

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Cat, cat cat

   So just to spoil my caturday entirely – new documentary on cat. Cats. On those otherworldly beautiful creatures that grace us, mortals with their presence. From Hancinema: SynopsisA poet Lee Yonghan happens to see a street cat in his … Continue reading

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Cats and their men

   Or was it the other way around?? Nevermind. After my daily squee over Junsu’s cats, my lovely bunch of witc… erhm… lovely ladies gave me another blow I can’t recover until now. Spending my minutes over pics going KYAA, … Continue reading

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May 9th

     Yes, I have some spare time. This is why I had enough time to look up some pics in the previous post. Meanwhile, my also busy sis took two pics for me. Aww^^But yes, I’m not in a … Continue reading

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   Not much Asian stuff, unless we count Burmese Cat as one. Just to do them justice. I have always felt my “caternal instinct”, that is why in the past I had 7 cats. Not in the same time. But … Continue reading

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