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Media and Condemnation by Memory in the Internet Age

 There was a good article appearing in Korea Focus, dealing with recent scandal in Korea on top levels. This is why I think it’s worthwhile to read a lot of words. There are many ways to silence or erase from … Continue reading

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"Sounds an awful lot like a dictatorship to me."

It’s been over a week when Megaupload was crushed. All internetz rushed to express their fury and bewilderment. The whole world united to show that such action and proposed bill of SOPA in US Congress is a threat to the … Continue reading

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Science fiction

Image relevant as hell.    Many authors had inclination to ‘what if’-ing about the future. Usually the future in cyberpunk genre or dozens of sci-fi movies looks dark, apalling and cold. I have always liked movies about totalitarian systems, maybe … Continue reading

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