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Seoul Drama Awards – OST Awards

   From June 29th to July 20th, the Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (SDAOC) will be open to vote for the most popular drama OST of the dramas between April 1st and April 30th. Bad news is – you need … Continue reading

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2010 – R.I.P.

   I think I should do this beforehand, but somehow it wasn’t my first thought few days ago. 2010 ended, and I’m glad. Months after March were bad and deteriorated quickly. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and bitter? I’m … Continue reading

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2010 KBS Drama Awards

     I want to thank my sister who wrote me everything but the right list, and I was depressed SKKS won nothing. In fact, this drama won 5 awards. But I appreciate the effort, have no idea where she went … Continue reading

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2010 10Asia’s Awards: SKKS and Chuno

Remember the table I had so much troubles to fit all letters there? No? That’s ok. And because I love 10Asia, an article from their website. Articles on: drama, director, actor, writer and “Thank You” list. There was also “No, … Continue reading

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KBS Drama Awards – voting

Omo, omo… what was the password for my account on KBS again? Daamn!, good villagers, who have travelled from near and far.Don’t lend me your ears…

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Chuno – the best drama of 2010

   Weeeell… let me get things straight: no. I mean, it is a great drama, I didn’t have any nails back then, I watched it 3 times… OK, maybe it is. But there were some things that bugged me back … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

I have to prepare myself for an exam next week (the History of South East Asia) as well as prepare an exam for others to write, hehe, instead I’m just watching some dramas, re-watching two others and writing here. I … Continue reading

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