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New Standards of Fair Trade Commission – KBS

   Is this a first step to a normalization of this insane and sick situation we have in entertainment? Let’s hope so, but let’s hope it won’t have a backlash even worse than situation nowadays.Also, if it wasn’t for the … Continue reading

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Ranking singing abilities

Are your favorites here? Mine are, except for few, but I can forgive, they debuted last year. And cat is out of the bag. But Taemin being on that list and WuGyu duo not? That just makes me chuckle. I … Continue reading

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Evil, evil everywhere!

Here, the ghost possession was captured on film. I wouldn’t mind if he possessed me.    It’s too late to pack your bags and run. Chances are you are already under menacing influence of whatever group of “highly secretive society” … Continue reading

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JYJ – HoMin war

   Eh, Junsu, what have you done? Don’t you know that SM Ent never forgives? What were the rest of JYJ expecting? A warm: “OK, good luck, go your own way” message? I was just waiting for HoMin’s single release … Continue reading

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