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Winter Dramas

Not the happiest person here when winter is mentioned, but what can I do? Make some cocoa and hope that more hawt men will be on screen.  I’m not joking when I complain about the winter here. I don’t have … Continue reading

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Deep Rooted Tree

  Sageuk, sageuk everywhere! After the first episode I know who Suyang takes after. The first episode was very fast, and it’s not a rule in a period drama, usually it starts slow and needs 4-6 episodes to fully bloom. … Continue reading

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Idiot Baek Dongsu

Eh, happy first 4 episodes, I shall treasure you^^    It’s the first time I dropped a sageuk. I never did that before, I mustered all my willpower in the past and somehow went through all idiocies that always appear … Continue reading

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