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Fall dramas

   This season is the answer to all of our previous wailing and complaining about too much free time. These weeks and few more to come are on the polar opposite, would be glad to have some time to sleep. … Continue reading

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Wow, Fantastic Baby!

   This is all I have to say about this season’s dramas. Of course not everything is perfect, they could have been even more meticulously done, but it’s not like we’re watching documentary series, right? If someone wants to see … Continue reading

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Cause you gotta have "Faith"

   George Michael sang this in 1987, long before it was cool to accuse this-and-this drama of stealing ideas. I could stay still, but since my bitchy nature is more prevalent – I’m writing. Some birdbrained fans are writing their … Continue reading

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King Gongmin

Tombs of King Gongmin and his wife, Queen Noguk in Gaesong, N. Korea. Picture from here    Since the new drama is approaching and the action takes place during the last, tumultous years of Goryeo Dynasty, it’s time to introduce … Continue reading

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