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It’s just airport. Korean way.

       The year 2012 is most certainly sponsored by letter “F”. Like fandoms, freaks and few other words starting with “f” I’m not supposed to write in the first sentence. After reading this article (well written for a change), … Continue reading

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Fans’ culture…

… according to KBS. Oh yes, we know KBS is in the middle of banning JYJ and war, so obviously they couldn’t mention any sasaeng situation. According to their raport (it has eng subs, watch it before they take it … Continue reading

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Come to the fandom they said…

Back in the days, when I was a fair maiden, I had no PC, no internet, but my heart was that of a fangirl always. I think everyone had such period in their life. Back in the 80’s or 90’s … Continue reading

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Shit hath hiteth the faneth

   I was about to immerse myself in Unified Silla article, yet I went to tumblr. And the storm there, the storm… First, I will present you a short story. There is a very famous guy. And there is another … Continue reading

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Y U No sarang me, Oppa?

   I thought that not everyone follows me some places else, and this is too good to hide it. I found it on tumblr actually, but I bet it’s available everywhere connected to broadly understood Kpop fandom. Fangirls are scary, … Continue reading

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