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B.A.P. does it again

   I’m still on the fence whether any of them can sing, and all they base on are huge, ribs crushing beats. Nevertheless, there’s something that makes me want to replay “Power” everytime I need sudden adrenaline shot (and I … Continue reading

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Apologies a la japonaise

   I have written this so many times, fanculture in Asia fascinates me almost on the same level as nationalism in Japan. Sadly, there is not even one opportunity for me to write any article dealing with that particular group … Continue reading

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It’s just airport. Korean way.

       The year 2012 is most certainly sponsored by letter “F”. Like fandoms, freaks and few other words starting with “f” I’m not supposed to write in the first sentence. After reading this article (well written for a change), … Continue reading

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SHINee shining

I don’t always write about SHINee, but when I do… it’s always 1/5th of it, OK, OK. Since Jonghyeon remains sweet idiot that he is, I’m not going to fuc… focus on… whatever… (*after 2 hours of running mindlessly and … Continue reading

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Come to the fandom they said…

Back in the days, when I was a fair maiden, I had no PC, no internet, but my heart was that of a fangirl always. I think everyone had such period in their life. Back in the 80’s or 90’s … Continue reading

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Mistaken identity

Learn the difference.       I’ve been planning to write on this topic for a long, long time. Somehow other things got in a way and this was postponed. Finally, I had some time to spare and collect my (scarce) … Continue reading

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Y U No sarang me, Oppa?

   I thought that not everyone follows me some places else, and this is too good to hide it. I found it on tumblr actually, but I bet it’s available everywhere connected to broadly understood Kpop fandom. Fangirls are scary, … Continue reading

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