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Kdrama in 2012

<!–[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–> It’s time to summarize the year that already drowned under the waves of dark waters of the past. Year 2012 in dramaland. I will focus only on those that I finished, but I will mention those … Continue reading

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I’m seeing wooden people…

   They don’t know they’re wooden… I understand some people may not like me, I wouldn’t like me too if I was a 15-yo who can barely read more than one page. The thing is, when I like/love/admire, I do … Continue reading

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Friends and Foes

   George Michael sang in Star People 97: “It’s a dream with a nightmare stuck in the middle” and this one sentence perfectly describes the latest mess in Gaksital. I want to say it loud and clear – I don’t … Continue reading

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Some sad song

   I have the habit of creating my own OST while watching movies, series etc (and who doesn’t?). And ever since episode 8 of Gaksital, one song has been obsessively stuck in my head when watching this series.    This … Continue reading

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Shunji = Kangto

-To him while yet an infant Pallas gave- (…) -Two drops of blood that from the Gorgon fell. -And on the human frame what power have these? -The one works death, the other heals disease. (Ion by Euripides) The last … Continue reading

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Gaksital annoys k-netizens

You know I don’t hold 95% of netizens in high esteem anyway, but what lately was provided by Hancinema article is just plain idiocy at its finest. First, the article and my ramblings later. The appearance of Kimigayo and the … Continue reading

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Gaksital location

Picture from here    If anyone is interested in visiting the site where almost all pre-modern movies and dramas are filmed: Hapcheon, Yeongsang Theme Park (합천영상테마파크). It’s the same where Capital Scandal was filmed and since the buildings were somehow … Continue reading

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   That is trot, my lovely ladies and gentlemen. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of green tea, but I like trot, it relaxes me and brings back those weird memories of something distant, of something that is long gone. … Continue reading

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   I had my reasons I didn’t want to start this drama. Park Giwung scares the living crap out of me and I knew they casted him for a reason. A good, scary reason. Nevertheless, since it’s a period drama, … Continue reading

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